our vision and mission

Jaha Solar is a new business in the Energy sector of Kosovo and innovator in this field in our country. With its manufacturing capacity Jaha Solar aspires wide placement of productivity in the international arena. The capacity and willingness to cover purchase requests is the mobilized by professional and well prepared staff from the area of ​​technology, machinery and electricity, young human resources, very collaborative in readiness to consider the needs of local and international clientele.

Jaha Solar factory will continue its investment on 2017, by running the additional strategic project in creating a production capacity up to 200 MW solar panels per year.



President of the Board of Directors “JAHA Group”

Fadil Hoxha


JAHA GROUP in 2016 has continued investing in production activities in Kosovo.

Jaha Group has established the unit “JAHA SOLAR” and opened a factory for production of solar panels located in Fushë Kosovë.

“JAHA SOLAR” factory was inaugurated on June 2nd, 2016 at an initial capacity of the first production line of 50 MW per year, presenting the latest technology in the production of photovoltaic solar panels.

12 Year

Product Guarantee

100 %

PID Free

100 %

Assurance and Reliability

JAHA Solar Factory provides products – photovoltaic solar panels with high performance and quality, meeting the most advanced standards.

Solar panels are provided with a warranty applied internationally for the longevity and productivity, resistant to temperature up to + 125 ̊ C, enabling them as very desired product for buyers from different countries of the world.

Within the production and purchase of the product – our company provides exclusive services for the complete installation of photovoltaic solar system carried out by a professional and certified team of engineers and technicians.

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