Off-grid systems

Off-grid plants are plants which are not connected to the grid and consist of PV modules and of a storage system which guarantees electric energy supply also when lighting is poor or when it is dark. Since the current delivered by the PV generator is DC power, if the user plant needs AC current an inverter becomes necessary.

Such plants are advantageous from a technical and financial point of view since they can replace motor generator sets whenever the electric network is not present or whenever it is not easy to reach. Besides, in an off-grid configuration, the PV field is over-dimensioned so that, during the insolation hours, both the load supply as well as the recharge of the storing batteries can be guaranteed with a certain safety margin taking into account the days of poor insolation.

Jaha Solar is official distributor for Kosovo of Victron Energy products. Our technician and engineers are technically trained by Victron Energy.

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